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What age are these toys for anyway?

What age are these toys for anyway?

This is one of the top questions we get about our sensory toys! 

The short answer: ALL AGES!

But really, we can break it down into a few categories: infant, toddler, prek-12, and adult.

For infants, these toys can be introduced as early as the first tummy time session. (My son was about a week old for this, and it lasted just a few minutes). Having a high contrast visual (see our Large Sensory Toy with Bells, Balls, and Sequins B+W for a great option)

gives babies something to focus on as they develop those neck and core muscles to hold their heads up and eventually move their bodies through reaching, pinwheeling, and crawling!

As babies start to grasp (around 2-5 months old), these are excellent toys for little hands to hold onto. They provide tactile and visual stimulation, AND a world of different sounds (brains developing a sense of cause and effect- shake=sound) 

Now for toddlers (around 18 months-2.5 yrs): These sensory toys are great for building vocabulary as we can label shapes, colors, objects, and sounds. Sound tends to be the dominant feature for this age group, see these toys become instruments and objects to collect and carry as they develop their autonomy and push their bodies to the limit. 

As we move into school age (4-17 years), we see these function more as fidgets and a provider of sensory stimulation. The small and clear sensory toys are perfectly pocket sized for at the desk and on the move. We also have sensory necklaces as a wearable option.

Adults have a wide variety of sensory needs, and we believe these toys meet them! Our fabric options, and variety of filler material have no age limit. A selection of the small and clear toys have a permanent place in my office, and my purse or backpack to help me stay focused in meetings, or ease stress during social situations, waiting for an appointment, etc. 

We are happy to answer any other questions at any time- reach out to or give us a DM on IG or FB. Happy fidgeting!